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Overview of Services Provided

Providing professional on call services by registered nurses nationwide to transplant centers during all phases of transplantation.  

Evaluation and presentation of organ offers by registered nurses to the transplant physician based on the transplant center’s acceptance criteria. 

Completing accurate coding in DonorNet for each organ offer that is accepted or declined within the required time frame. 

Coordination of care by experienced registered nurses from the initial organ offer to completion of the transplant; including initial notification and ongoing communication with all team members, hospital departments, OPO’s and other specialties per the transplant center protocol.     

Preparation of admission orders electronically/handwritten, HLA requisitions, lab or additional testing orders, surgery scheduling, etc. by a registered nurse per the transplant center’s protocol. 

Arrangement of transportation for the transplant center’s recovery team to and from the donor hospital and/or coordination of transportation of the organ from the donor hospital to the transplant center. 

Complete documentation by a registered nurse in the transplant center’s electronic medical record per the transplant center’s protocol. 

Triage and management of patient calls, critical labs, pharmacy calls or other urgent calls by a registered nurse per the transplant center’s protocol. 

Receiving positive donor cultures from the OPO’s including notification to the appropriate transplant staff member per the transplant center’s protocol. 

Assistance with waitlist management to ensure the transplant center’s waitlist patients remain ready for transplant per the transplant center’s protocol. 

QAPI reporting and attendance as agreed upon to ensure compliance with CMS and UNOS requirements; Detailed reports of the previous 24hours are submitted daily and a comprehensive report monthly.       

Frequently asked Questions

1. Are all of your staff licensed registered nurses who take call?

Yes, all of our staff members who provide on-call services to a transplant center are licensed by the board of nursing in the state the transplant center is located.