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Our team

A group of dedicated and professional registered nurses providing on-call services nationwide to transplant centers during all phases of transplantation.      


Our history

Registered nurses with over 100 years of combined experience in the medical and transplant field. Background includes experience in all phases of transplant, both inpatient and outpatient; and extensive knowledge of the CMS and UNOS requirements.


Our mission

To provide professional, accurate and courteous services that are streamlined from the time of each organ offer until after transplantation by registered nurses. Triage and manage patient calls, critical labs, and after hours follow up for the transplant center.



Question:  Are costs for your services allowable to the hospital's Medicare Cost Report as part of organ acquisition?   

Answer:  Absolutely!  Costs for our services are allowable to the Cost Report just the same way the costs for your staff to perform all of these duties are.  The difference is that utilizing our staff allows your staff to get much needed rest during nights and weekends.    

Question: Are your staff registered nurses?

Answer: Yes!  All of our staff members that cover on-call are registered nurses licensed in the state of the transplant center.

Question: Can the on-call transplant coordinators able to triage and manage patient calls, after hour emergencies and critical lab results after hours?

Answer: Yes, our staff of registered nurses are able to triage each patient calls, receive critical labs and manage emergency patient calls after hours based upon the center's policy and ensure each patient receives receives continued continuity of care.  

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